Krispy Kreme offered daily free donuts to vaccinated customers, lighting up a conversation about weight gain and fatphobia.

When Krispy Kreme announced it would hand out free donuts every day for a year to anyone with proof of vaccination, public health experts were quick to point out on Twitter that doughnuts are unhealthy. Shocker! But Food & Wine editor Margaret Eby writes that the backlash is a symptom of fatphobia that has only intensified as the pandemic has dragged on. “We’re being cooped up in our home and stressed all the time, and there’s an absolute failure of our government to take care of us in any real way,” one expert told Eby. “A lot of people aren’t feeling their best physically. The only messaging our society has for that situation is, ‘Oh I need to lose weight.’” Author Roxane Gay took on the same kerfuffle in her newsletter, too.

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