Chicken supplies are running low, due to processing delays and sandwich mania

A friend’s fussy-eater child recently went into near-meltdown when he saw the Bojangles’ drive-thru sign announcing that there were no Chicken Supremes to be had. We reported on the bigger-than-usual surge in chicken wing prices right around Super Bowl time, but now it appears the country may be entering a new era of poultry problems. According to The Washington Post, restaurants from Wingstop to KFC can’t get enough chicken to quench demand. Blame limited poultry processing capacity, ongoing Covid outbreaks at the nation’s meatpacking plants, and the wild popularity of fried chicken sandwiches (You would think they’re a new invention or something). One North Carolina poultry trade group representative said, in a moment of wishful thinking-meets-Frankenstein: “What we need is a four-winged chicken.” There are other solutions, wethinks.