In New York, supermarkets must donate unsold groceries

In January, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York signed a bill requiring supermarkets to donate unsold food and groceries to pantries and nonprofits across the state, The Progressive Grocer reported. Under the Excess Food Act, stores larger than 10,000 square feet must donate food nearing its sell-by date to food pantries and banks, soup kitchens, or religious organizations that provide free meals (unpackaged meat, fish, or poultry can’t be donated, according to the bill’s text). The bill comes as food banks across the country are stretching their resources to meet skyrocketing demand for food. A national survey by Hunger Free America found that food banks served nearly 15 percent more people in 2020, and even more said they had been forced to turn people away or limit the amount of food they gave out.

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