Less rain, more rain, and pests mean fewer pumpkins this year

I can’t drive anywhere here in North Carolina without seeing a pumpkin patch or church sales of our favorite orange squash. But pumpkin watchers are abuzz about disruptions to the supply chain. According to The Takeout, some states are enduring a putative pumpkin shortage. Even down the interstate from me, wet conditions cut Charlotte farmers’ yield in half, forcing them to import pumpkins from Ohio. Likewise, Kansas farmers hit the road for Nebraska pumpkins. Squash bugs were to blame in other locations, and drought sucked the life out of California’s crop. Even food television has been affected; TMZ (yes, TMZ) informed us that The Food Network canceled its “Halloween Wars” because the pandemic is still pandemicking and pumpkins weren’t available early enough to meet the production schedule for an October broadcast. But never fear: The Peanuts classic seasonal “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” special will return to a channel near you, after a year’s absence.

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