A beloved Japanese restaurant shuttered during the pandemic. Then an impostor showed up.

Blowfish Sushi to Die For, a beloved San Francisco restaurant that shut down permanently in December, appeared to reopen for business earlier this year. Its menu was listed on DoorDash; customer reviews were rolling in on Yelp; and at the restaurant’s former location, employees were filing into work and fulfilling orders. But as it turns out, the resurrected Blowfish was actually an impostor. According to municipal records, a new business registered itself as “Mission Blowfish Inc.,” almost immediately after the original closed, in its exact location, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. Is this a one-off incident—or could impostor restaurants soon become a trend, as more businesses shutter and ghost kitchens with less-than-transparent backgrounds flourish in their place? Double-check your sushi sourcing before you place an order, folks.