A DoorDash driver’s car was stolen with his kids inside. Funds poured in to help them, but there’s a bigger problem.

Last weekend, while Jeffrey Fang, a DoorDash delivery driver in San Francisco, dropped off a food order, his van was stolen with his two small children inside the vehicle. A multicounty search found his children and the car several miles away in another neighborhood. After their story went viral, some people asked: “Why were the children there in the first place?” But Fang’s experience was not isolated. It highlighted a reality many people working in our food system encounter on a daily basis: lack of child care. Affordability and accessibility of our food usually comes at a human cost, Soleil Ho wrote for The San Francisco Chronicle. Many delivery drivers bring their children with them on trips, according to the labor organizing campaign, Gig Workers Rising. After the incident, both DoorDash and a community GoFundMe campaign raised more than $100,000 for the family’s recovery. 

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