Curious about humane meat production and consumption? Camas Davis will answer your questions in this Thursday’s Q&A!

For Meat Month, the author and founder of the Portland Meat Collective is taking your questions about humane meat production, sustainable farming, and responsible meat consumption.

Next up in our Meat Month Q&A series is butcher Camas Davis, author of the upcoming book Killing It and founder of the Portland Meat Collective. Send us your questions on humane meat production using the hashtag #CarnivoresDilemma and tag us @NewFoodEconomy. We’ll answer them starting at 1 p.m. EST this coming Thursday on Twitter.

Davis, who was previously the food editor at Portland Monthly, travelled to Gascony, France in 2009 to study whole-animal butchery and charcuterie. There, she worked with French chef and author Kate Hill, learning how to take charge of the entire process—from growing grain for livestock feed to eventually butchering the animals themselves. In 2010, Davis founded the Portland Meat Collective, a “meat school” in Portland, Oregon, that offers classes in “slaughter, butchery, meat cookery and charcuterie” with an emphasis on whole-animal eating and thinking.

In 2014, Davis founded the non-profit Good Meat Project, which “inspires” responsible meat production and consumption through experiential learning. Distinct from the Portland Meat Collective, the Good Meat Project offers hands-on programs for “eaters,” “feeders,” and “seeders”—meat consumers, food professionals, and producers, respectively—to learn about responsible meat production and consumption.

Camas Davis, Killing It book on whole animal butchery July 2018Her forthcoming memoir, Killing It, depicts the trajectory of her meat-related thoughts and projects, illustrating her transition from editor to butcher and how her meditations on “life, death, and dinner” inform her life philosophy today.

What even is “humane” meat production? What does a professional butcher have to say about “responsible” meat consumption? If there’s anyone who knows, it’s Camas Davis. Go ahead and tweet all your meat-related questions @NewFoodEconomy, and Camas Davis will respond to them. Be sure to use the hashtag #CarnivoresDilemma. See you Thursday!