Ben & Jerry’s will pull its ice cream from the Israeli-occupied West Bank

The Vermont ice cream maker named after tie-dye-wearing hippie brothers announced Monday that it plans to stop selling its frozen treats in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. That decision, part of a growing (and controversial) movement that encourages divestment from Israel, raised hackles from many quarters. Some said it didn’t go far enough (Ben & Jerry’s will still be available in Israel proper). Others said it was overkill. None of this is very surprising, given the protracted Middle Eastern conflict and B&J’s track record of social justice served in a cone, with the company supporting Black Lives Matter and environmental causes. But not every dessert decision draws reactions from power players around the globe. Erstwhile Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at an economic flex in his tweet, “Now we Israelis know which ice cream NOT to buy.” The state of Israel—yes, the actual country—joined in, suggesting a new flavor for the company: “FudgedThisOneUp.” Stateside, a Republican congressman from Oklahoma is urging his state to boycott the corporation that gave Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey to the world. Stay tuned to see who else wades in; these are going to be some long threads. 

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