Despite “real risks” and “many unanswered questions,” CBD ice cream is on the way

Much has been said about the toothlessness of FDA, the agency that regulates 77 percent of our nation’s food supply. Case in point: The agency has said CBD comes with “real risks that need to be considered,” it has “many unanswered questions about the science and safety,” and it doesn’t know what happens if you ingest it “daily for sustained periods of time.” It hasn’t approved a single CBD food item for public consumption—a process that takes years. And yet? The country’s biggest dairy companies are gearing up to flood the market with CBD-laced milk, shakes, and ice cream, Food Dive reports. Why? There’s an “insatiable appetite” for the stuff. And perhaps the companies know there won’t be any real consequences for flagrantly ignoring the country’s largest food regulator.

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