We tried the Kraft mac and cheese ice cream and loved it

In case you missed it, yesterday was National Mac and Cheese Day. Artisanal ice cream shop Van Leeuwen teamed up with Kraft Heinz to release a special macaroni-and-cheese flavor. “This is what greets you at the gates of hell,” one publication wrote, recoiling in horror. But I, Mike Dang, a senior editor at The Counter, wanted to try it and come to my own conclusion. I joined a line of about 10 people who were all ordering the limited-edition flavor at a Van Leeuwen outpost in Brooklyn. And, guess what, we all loved it! The cheese flavor was nice and subtle, and although there was no prominent noodle flavor, the essence of mac and cheese was there. It reminded me of cheesecake, which has been used in plenty of ice creams. This ended up being a very smart marketing ploy for the companies involved—Van Leeuwen sold out of the limited-edition flavor within hours—and we look forward to the next unexpected concoction.

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