What are the ethical implications of cell-cultured eagle meat?

If there was a way to partake in eating exotic game without harming animals, would you? With the advent of cell-cultured meat, and its sale starting around the world, anyone can theoretically find their inner Montgomery Burns (à la The Simpsons“See My Vest”) and sample more exotic fare—like bald eagle, panther, or even human. But even without snuffing out a life, are these potential protein sources ethical? Is the lab-generated flesh still perceived as part of a living entity, considering cells had to be donated to create them? Though Slate recently examined this philosophical conundrum, it came down to this: “While our food choices probably have a greater moral component than we typically acknowledge, this moral dimension is embedded in a broader social and cultural context. If nothing else, the possibility of lab-grown meat should encourage us to think carefully about what we choose to chew.”