Local brewers in Argentina attached beer barrels to a sunken ship, in a radical brewing experiment. Now they’re missing.

Nearly 185 gallons of artisanal beer attached to a sunken ship have gone missing, The New York Times reports. Local brewers in Mar del Plata, Argentina, wanted to experiment with deep-water beer making, so in November they put several barrels inside a steel cage attached to an abandoned Soviet-era ship. Last week they discovered all the barrels were gone. There are no clues as to what happened, but the brewers suspect that vandals broke them loose. That’s a lot of work lost: It took over a year for them to obtain the necessary permits to embark on this experiment. The vandals might’ve thought they were getting away with gallons of free beer; however, the owners said, the barrel contents are “a lukewarm, gasless liquor that would be very difficult to drink,” which the brewers said would be “useless in the hands of people who lack sophisticated beer-making skills.” But despite the mysterious disappearance, the brewers are determined to try again.

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