Here’s what you’ll get for $335 (not including drinks) at the new, vegan Eleven Madison Park

If you were one of the 15,000 diner-hopefuls on the waitlist to eat at New York’s Eleven Madison Park, the seasons (and the menu) will probably change before you ever get seated. But since the restaurant went vegan and debuted its new much-awaited menu last week, news has been trickling out about what to expect for your $335 fixed price menu (you can sup at the bar for a much less dear $175, not including drinks). As Bloomberg reports, the meal included Chinese lettuce with porridge; a cucumber tartare layered with “sweet, crisp melon over a base of avocado cream—all punctuated with threads of silky, smoky daikon”; and sunflower bread that comes with a blossom of non-animal butter (“once we got the bread and butter, we knew everything would be OK,” said chef-owner Daniel Humm). But here’s the rub: Getting those things right takes a lot of labor: That sumptuous tartare reportedly takes two employees a whole day of chopping, and a chef grinds the day’s sesame seeds on their knees for an hour each morning. Apparently, pain is an extra ingredient. And dinner itself—with interactive touches here and there—might take between four and five hours to eat. 

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