Does Tom Colicchio have the cure for unhealthy hospital food?

Does chef, restaurateur, and television personality Tom Colicchio have the cure for unhealthy hospital food? U.S. hospitals have historically struggled to provide healthy food options to patients, visitors, and health-care personnel. Working with the real estate development company Healthy Hospitality Partners, Colicchio’s Crafted Kitchen restaurant group has launched a new fast-casual restaurant concept to provide hospital visitors, patients, and workers with more nutritious dining options. Root & Sprig, which debuted this week at the Children’s National Innovation & Research Center in Washington, D.C., features a largely meat-free menu of gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast items, reports The Washington Post. The plant-heavy menu is aligned with current medical recommendations for a healthy diet. Two more locations of Root & Sprig are scheduled to open at Philadelphia- and Denver-area hospitals this fall, with 19 additional locations currently in the works. 

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