Bizarre food crimes of 2020

Despite a year of news almost centered around the pandemic, politics, and racial justice, food thieves managed to worm their way into 2020 headlines. One beekeeper in California reported 92 hives had been stolen in January, roughly 4.5 million bees, at a loss of nearly $44,000 in revenue. Back in March, a man entered Oregon-based Voodoo Doughnuts in the middle of the night with a hatchet, filled himself a pink box and was caught a block away eating a doughnut. And for small food businesses tirelessly working to make ends meet, food trucks were stolen in cities across the country. The latter was a rather upsetting common theft, in a time where food purveyors need the most support. For more outrageous food crimes reported in 2020, Food & Wine has the story.

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