Crawfish are awfully expensive in Texas right now. But in a few weeks, prices will fall, and “the crawfish will be phenomenal.”

It’s crawfish season in Texas, and prices always spike around Easter, Texas Monthly reports. But—like wings during the 2021 Super Bowl and toilet paper last March—the squirmy crustaceans are even more expensive than usual. Reporter Paula Forbes found an explanation: Last year, the pandemic hit right at the height of the season, and people quickly canceled their spring crawfish boils. This year, as more and more people get vaccinated and public health officials lift restrictions on outdoor gatherings, Texans are eager to make up for lost time. But Easter fell early this spring, meaning the crawfish are “daintier” and more die in transit, causing prices to spike even higher. There’s good news, though: The holiday is over, and prices are expected to fall quickly. “Probably two or three weeks from now, the crawfish will be phenomenal,” supplier Josh Smith told the magazine.