Truck drivers threaten to strike, crippling grocery supply chain

As the country heads into a third coronavirus wave, and potentially more lockdowns, food companies are ramping up production to avoid the grocery shortages Americans encountered this spring. They can make all the toilet paper in the world—but what if there’s no one to deliver those rolls to stores? That’s a looming possibility in New York, where more than 100 truck drivers are threatening to strike and shut down supply chains to Whole Foods and Stop & Shop supermarkets in the tri-state area. The drivers say that their employer, the grocery distributor United Natural Foods, better known as UNFI, hasn’t been giving them basic PPE nor have they disinfected their trucks in months. The New York Post says it’s not just TP at stake, but rigs full of organic freezer meals, seltzers, and pasta boxes, among other shelf-stable items.

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