With spices in demand, packaging supplies have become scarce

Evidence of the pandemic wreaking havoc on our food supply chains is indisputable, from dumped produce to culled livestock. Yet almost 8 months into Covid-19 survivalism, new issues keep popping up like food systems Wack-A-Mole, most recently with spices and condiments—but not for the obvious reason. Though it follows that we’re cooking at home more and some newer chefs are stocking their shelves beyond salt, pepper, and garlic powder, the new potential shortage has more to do with availability of the glass and plastic containers needed to package them. “Jugs, shakers, bags, plastic tubs—the lead times are stretching from two to three months and now into the new year. We’re having to bring in plastics where molds don’t fit the specs,” one spice company owner tells The Washington Post. Spice, condiment, and rub consumption is up by 50 percent over last year in the U.S. as the holidays approach.

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