Grounded travelers are ordering airline food to cope with pandemic

Stranded at home, vacations and family trips canceled, millions of Americans lament the bygone days of frequent plane travel. But one thing we definitely don’t miss is the airline food—or do we? According to a report from TheWall Street Journal, an odd nostalgia has set in: Would-be travelers now long for the sub-par, disappointing meals we once paid too much for at Terminal C, or ate joylessly at 35,000 feet. With the help of companies like Imperfect Foods, which stocks and sells surplus food, and Gate Gourmet, an in-flight catering company, travelers can now have meals originally meant for JetBlue, Garuda Indonesia, and other airlines shipped directly to their homes. The flavors may leave something to be desired, but you can still taste the anticipation of touching down—a small way to relive the trip without actually taking it.

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