Atlanta suburbanites are reveling in their new freedom to drink wine and try on sundresses

In a piece that’s built to get your goat, a Washington Post reporter visited an affluent Atlanta suburb on the day stay-at-home restrictions are lifted. The contrast between the maskless shoppers and diners, blithely lacking in self-awareness, and the poor, terrified service employees, is like a dark piece of dystopian satire. The piece smartly highlights the high infection rates in Atlanta’s poorer neighborhoods, where many service workers likely live. It’s hard to choose just one quote to highlight, but let’s go with this one: “Who specializes in ingrown? Because I have an ingrown,” (maskless) Greta Holland, who was in her 60s, said, extending her hand through a hole in an acrylic partition so she could get a manicure from a woman on the other side, wearing a mask.

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