Colorado breweries offload their waste gas to cannabis purveyors

In an effort to mitigate greenhouse gases produced during the beer fermentation process, the state of Colorado and a few of its breweries are testing a 16-week pilot program to trap carbon dioxide and supply it to cannabis growers. A new technology from Austin-based Earthly Labs captures the CO2 and chills it into liquid form, which is then transported to pot farmers who vaporize it. This allows the carbon dioxide to saturate grow facilities full of cannabis plants, with a goal of expediting photosynthesis. This would replace the current system of cannabis farmers buying gas from power plants and having it trucked long distances. “We have a thriving craft brewery industry and a thriving cannabis sector,” said Governor Jared Polis (whose platform is rooted in environmental initiatives), to The Washington Post. An important note: The program is supported with technical and communication assistance—but not financial.