Chef José Andrés will use his $100 million prize from Jeff Bezos to find more systemic solutions for fighting world hunger

Jeff Bezos took a 10-minute trip to suborbital space and, soon after returning to Earth, announced that chef José Andrés would be one of the recipients of the “Courage and Civility Award,” which came with a no-strings-attached $100 million check. Unsurprisingly, Andrés decided to put that money towards World Central Kitchen, the nonprofit he founded to feed millions of people facing disasters and crises around the world. In The Washingtonian, Andrés says he plans to use the money to figure out more systemic solutions to food insecurity and inequality, bring clean cooking options to impoverished communities that still rely on charcoal and wood, and tackle hunger in more parts of the world. Of course, a big check won’t solve world hunger, but expanded efforts could push more people to pay attention and become engaged.

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