Burgers remain legal

A disingenuous talking point has been circulating through certain corners of conservative media since last week. Namely: Biden wants your burger. This controversial non-controversy stemmed from an iffy article in the Daily Mail, which homes in on Biden’s announcement that the U.S. plans to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2030. He was not announcing legislation, merely intent, and thus his announcement was thin on details. So the Mail helpfully filled in the blanks by citing a recent study from the University of Michigan that suggested dietary changes could play an “important role … in climate action.” The research indicated a 90 percent reduction in red meat consumption could help reach ambitious climate goals, which then got conflated with Biden’s announcement. By the end of the weekend, disinformation became conservative canon. People were tweeting out pictures of their bloody steaks and burgers, vowing to defy the new fascist mandates. Just to reiterate: You can eat what you like, and it’s absurd that fact-checkers were necessary to debunk all of this. In other news, the food outlet Epicurious announced that it is no longer publishing any beef recipes, and the internet lost its mind afresh.

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