Amazon Prime members are not happy about Whole Foods’ new delivery fee

Some Whole Food customers are unhappy with the grocery chain’s parent company, Amazon, after its decision to end free grocery delivery to Prime members next month. Starting on October 25, all U.S. customers will pay $9.95 per delivery, whether they shell out $119 a year for a Prime subscription fee or not. One Amazon Prime member who had increasingly relied on grocery deliveries throughout the pandemic told The Washington Post she felt the fee was “rude” and “ridiculous,” noting that she would not likely renew the annual subscription. According to the supermarket, from 2019 to 2020 grocery deliveries more than tripled as more customers avoided in-store shopping over health and safety concerns. Former Amazon executives told the Post that while the company had projected its delivery service would lead to greater overall sales, the business actually lost money as both demand and logistics costs grew. In a letter to its customers, Whole Foods said the new fee would cover the expense of running the service. But the drivers who transport customers’ groceries won’t receive a penny from the pot.