Alabama worker busted for wine-making in a sewage plant

A 62-year-old Alabama municipal worker was arrested this week for running an illegal winemaking operation at a Dekalb County sewage treatment plant, according to The New York Times. Prompted via an anonymous tip, the sheriff’s office seized nearly 200 gallons of wine, plus bottling equipment, fruit, and labels, all of which were used by the 15-year city employee, who was charged with illegally manufacturing alcoholic beverages (a misdemeanor) and use of official position for personal gain (a felony). Not only is the Rainsville sewage treatment plant in a dry county, but Alabama also limits makers to bottling and possessing a maximum of 15 gallons of wine or beer at any given time. The local sheriff, clearly proud of the arrest, referred to the discovery as “one of the biggest operations we’ve seen in our country and possibly our state.”

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