Pro-GMO activist makes an about-face

For years, Kavin Senapathy was a pro-GMO crusader. The self-styled “millennial, progressive, science-minded mom of two” made a name for herself arguing—first in blogs and on social media, and then in national outlets—that any resistance to genetically modified foods amounts to harmful, uninformed fearmongering. Then she became disenchanted. In Slate, Senapathy describes her evolution, a growing recognition that the GMO debate goes beyond the realm of personal health. As she started to think more systemically—not just about consumer safety but the destructive legacy of Western colonialism—she began to feel the “pro-science” framing espoused by her former allies in agribusiness disguised a troubling ideology. It’s a story that’s all too rare: the kind where a person admits that their most deeply held convictions were wrong (or at least not entirely right).

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