Do we need a word for white-condiment phobia?

If sour cream, mayonnaise, or ranch dressing grosses you out, you may not be alone. As far we know, there isn’t a special word for this disgust, but as Jerard Fagerberg writes for The Takeout, aversion to white condiments may be a thing (if we believe this largely anecdotal account, which draws heavily on internet weirdness). Maybe it’s fear of the slimy or the faint resemblance to pus and other bodily emissions. And haven’t we all had some unpleasantly overdressed salad or coleslaw? This blanco-condiment-phobia may be rooted in careless use of these condiments, texture objections (mashed potatoes don’t seem to trigger gag reflexes), and childhood loathings. But to each, their own: For every eater who can’t stomach tartar sauce or aioli, there’s another out here who proudly claims #TeamSourCream.

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