Eating disorders have increased dramatically among young people during the pandemic

The pandemic has had a devastating emotional toll on young people, who’ve experienced an increase in mental health troubles after their school year and social lives were upended. Also concerning: Eating disorders in teens have risen dramatically, with health officials saying that the demand for eating disorder treatment “is way outstretching the capacity to address it,” reports The New York Times. In fact, the National Eating Disorders Association helpline has seen a 40 percent increase in call volume over the last year. The causes are many: loss of structure, heightened emotional eating, food insecurity, and more time on social media looking at images of peers and influencers. Experts say that early identification and intervention is key to treating eating disorders, but a balanced approach to food and body positivity also goes a long way. There are also online resources, starting with the National Eating Disorders Association, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting individuals and families.

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