What a “common as muck” writer thinks of Michelin-starred dining

Is a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant worth the price? Like many of us who grew up on the low end of the socioeconomic ladder, Kirsty Bosle—a U.K.-based freelance writer who describes herself as “common as muck”—was skeptical of the hype. But she writes frequent “I tried this” reviews for the Birmingham Mail, and so she ponied up around $200 to try the vegetarian tasting menu at a restaurant with two Michelin stars. Despite having to “play it cool in the face of a stack of intimidating cutlery,” she found the culinary experience was worth blowing an entire month’s takeout budget in one sitting. Bosle’s exuberant recap of her meal—including impeccable and kind service—went viral. It’s a nice reminder (especially for those of us who have been avoiding restaurant dining rooms for the bulk of the pandemic) that dining out can be revelatory. —Jessica Terrell

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