How TikTok carved out a new pathway to culinary stardom

No social media platform has quite dominated our attention during the pandemic the way TikTok has. While users have found themselves captivated by everything from dance videos to bite-size comedy routines to skateboarders lip-syncing Fleetwood Mac, the app has also become a hub for viral cooking videos. Think: whipped coffee, doughnut cereal, “hacked” tortillas, feta pasta, and more. Simultaneously, the app has afforded some creators the opportunity to become mini-celebrities in the food world, writes Taylor Lorenz for The New York Times. Thanks to its algorithm, which serves videos to viewers based on their past activity, home chefs can now become culinary stars with nothing more than a home kitchen, basic in-app editing, and a dash of charisma or ingenuity—no stint at a Michelin-starred restaurant necessary. In fact, many of the app’s most popular stars have now signed deals with talent agencies, published cookbooks, and even started their own production companies out of professional kitchens.

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