College meal plans receive scathing TikTok criticism

One chocolate chip cookie, a bag of potato chips, and a packet of balsamic dressing, with salt and pepper on the side. That’s the breakfast N.Y.U. served one of its students who was self-quarantining in the dorms at the start of the semester. As universities dabble with in-person amenities, college students around the country have felt frustrated with their meal offerings. And many have unleashed their frustrations on TikTok, as reported by The New York Times. One student at the University of Georgia posted a video where he waited in a long line to pick up food from the cafeteria, only to get a meal he described as having “an elementary school vibe.” Both N.Y.U. and the University of Georgia responded to their students’ criticism, promising changes. But some students wonder, meals aside, if it was wise to go back in-person in the first place.

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