Takeout orders are producing heaps of trash, but how do we minimize the waste?

To-go orders have skyrocketed as people continue to stay home to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Since March, food critic Tom Sietsema has ordered enough takeout to fill up two large recycling containers with waste. For the Washington Post, Sietsema spoke to experts about how to minimize the refuse. According to a report from the market research company NPD Group, online orders have increased 127 percent compared to this time last year. Restaurants make up 78 percent of disposable packaging, says David Henkes of the market research firm Technomic. And some restaurants have increased the amount of takeout ware to increase visible safety measures for customers, often placing more eco-friendly solutions on hold. But the consumer still has options, whether that’s saying no to utensils and napkins, or ordering several meals at once.

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