Shake Shack and DoorDash created a new dating site where a match means a free chicken sandwich.

For anyone who has spent an evening hunched over their phone toggling between dating and food delivery apps … DoorDash and Shake Shack want to help you find love on a full stomach with their new chicken sandwich-themed dating site, “Eat Cute.” Upload a selfie, tell the app “how spicy you like it,” swipe, match, and a promo code for a free chicken sandwich is yours, reports Food & Wine. As far as cutesy marketing schemes go (Shake Shack recently debuted a Buffalo chicken sandwich on their menu) it’s not the absolute worst idea: Even cynics fed up with the online-dating hellscape might be swayed by the guarantee of a free dinner, given the popularity of fast-food chicken sandwiches these days. But is this really where we’re at, in 2022? Call me a romantic, but using the arguably problematic promise of instant delivery to give lonely singles some hope feels like one of the least sexy sides of late-stage capitalism. —Sofia Sokolove