New York gets a rude surprise: To-go drinks may be gone—in a matter of hours

For better or worse, many Americans sipped, guzzled, and otherwise drank our way through quarantine. But those days may be coming to an end sooner than expected in New York. Like, well, maybe tomorrow. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) lifted the state of emergency, saying it was over after today. To-go booze—cocktails and wine—was part of the state-approved pandemic-survival plan for businesses. Color some merchants displeased and confused because drink sales have been popping, but also because Cuomo had extended the takeout-beverage provision until July 5, writes Eater, conveniently after one of the booziest national holidays. And though some restaurateurs say people don’t want a bottle to-go when they can slide onto a barstool in person, we’re sure many New Yorkers will be in their feelings that this popular program is careening to a close. It’s like some giant bartender in the sky cut off the entire state’s tab. To paraphrase Bananarama, it’s a cruel summer, and now the easy alcohol is gone. 

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