Mooove over, cows: You might have real competition in NotMilk, a vegan milk product that tastes like dairy

Alternative milks using oats, nuts, and soy have risen in popularity in recent years. But none have been able to impersonate dairy enough to be mistaken as actual milk. Enter NotMilk, a vegan product that uses pineapple, cabbage, and more than a dozen other ingredients that claims to “taste, cook, and froth like cow’s milk,” reports Emily Codik in The Washington Post. Codik used four tasters to try out the milk-imitator: In a side-by-side taste test comparing it to cow’s milk, NotMilk tasted slightly sweeter and had the texture of dairy. All four tasters agreed that the product tasted “far more like dairy than other plant milks.” One drawback? NotMilk didn’t always mix well into coffee unless you used a lot of it. Even so, NotMilk’s chief executive says it’s selling “incredibly well” at Whole Foods. Mooove over, cows. It seems like you might have a real competitor.

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