CBD gets a powerful new lobbyist: Kroger

Though CBD goods are all the rage, murky FDA rules regarding the buzzed-about, hemp-derived additive have made some retailers wary about cashing in. But according to Cannabis Wire, at least one major supermarket chain has been lobbying on hemp’s behalf behind the scenes: Kroger. In a recent financial filing, the grocer revealed that it began its campaign during the first half of 2019, focusing on “issues related to the regulation of topical products containing CBD oils and hemp derived products following the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill.”

While that legislation permitted the cultivation of hemp plants with 0.3 percent or less THC (the psychotropic compound in cannabis that gets people high), it left many unanswered questions. As late as November 2019, FDA stated that it “cannot conclude” the safety of CBD-laced vendibles due to “lack of scientific information,” and some banks have penalized farmers who grow hemp. 

Source: Cannabis Wire

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