Inside the brightly lit, low-glam world of the Costco influencer

This week Jezebel homes in on an unlikely subgenre of social media influencers: Costco deal promoters. With glamorous names like “Costco Contessa” and “Costco Beautify Bargains,” these accounts are first and foremost discount hunters, showcasing the savings they’ve landed on breakfast sandwiches and bulk Caesar dressing. These accounts have amassed followers without the typical high-gloss aesthetics of the influencer realm. Think of how boxy and poorly lit a Costco is, and you’ll have some sense of what’s on offer from “Costco Hot Finds” and its ilk. Perhaps the best description of what’s happening here: “Predominantly run by fans somewhat bafflingly dedicated to the fifth-largest retailer in the world, the accounts don’t represent aspirational brand presentations so much as people who have taken it onto themselves to act as human coupon books.” We love to see it.

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