Costco to stop purchasing Chaokoh coconut milk due to forced monkey labor

Costco has reportedly stopped purchasing Chaokoh coconut milk after allegations came to light that its manufacturer used forced monkey labor came to light. Investigators from PETA’s Asia division found the Thailand-based company, Theppadungporn Coconut Co., used monkeys for picking coconuts and forced them to perform in circus-style shows for tourists. The monkeys were also kept tethered, chained to old tires, or confined to small cages, CNN reports. Theppadungporn claims it has audited coconut plantations using a third party which randomly inspected 64 farms out of 817 and did not find the use of monkey labor. Costco’s Vice President of Corporate Food and Sundries, Ken Kimble, said the wholesaler has launched its own investigation and has since ceased purchasing from the supplier and owner of Chaokoh. Walmart said in a statement to CNN that it’s also in talks with the manufacturers over these allegations.

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