Food start-up promises “revolutionary” meal plan alternative: 50-gram food squares made from compressed meats, nuts, and vegetables

A Miami-based startup called SquarEat has created a “new concept of food” that involves compressing high-quality ingredients—including premium chicken, beef, fish, nuts, and vegetables—into square-shaped, 50-gram food bars. Why squares? The shape was designed to help standardize packaging and make the process of production (and eating) more efficient. Launched in June, SquarEat has ambitions to “disrupt the food delivery market” by replacing meal plan programs, reports James Vincent in The Verge. So far, though, promotional images for the meal boxes, which feature rows of edible squares made from 15 different sweet and savory ingredients, have generated a fair amount of “Soylent Green” references on social media. Some people have even wondered if the ads are dystopian-inspired satire. SquarEat is very real, however, and currently taking orders: A four-piece box starts at $5.50.

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