DoorDash just unveiled a new fee structure. And delivery could cost you more.

Earlier this week, DoorDash announced it will allow restaurants to pick how much to pay the delivery service per order. But all choices aren’t created equal. The lowest commission level—DoorDash Basic, which would send 15 percent to the company—will likely pass on more costs to the customer, according to the company’s own publicity materials. You get what you pay for: The next level would take 25 percent and guarantee businesses “greater visibility” in the app, and the premier tier will charge a 30 percent fee but promises to refund commissions for some struggling restaurants. This news failed to impress some business owners, including those who operate small restaurants already crushed by the pandemic’s mountain of delivery-related fees. David Singh, who owns a pizzeria in Santa Barbara, California, said, “Fifteen percent I would do, as long as there are no hidden costs and they take care of my customers,” referring to credit card charges and other add-ons that have drawn complaints from businesses and buyers alike. In places where lawmakers have insisted that runaway delivery fees should be capped, the Associated Press notes, these rates will take effect when the caps expire.

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