Which prepackaged foods are best and worst for your health? Dieticians weigh in.

Experts have long defended the virtues of canned and jarred foods, but which products retain the most nutrients? Huffington Post posed that question to a panel of nutritionists, and unsurprisingly, fruits, beans, and vegetables were ranked the healthiest—that is, when they’re packed with little to no salt. On the opposite end of the spectrum were pancake and cornbread mixes, which were deemed even worse than sodium-laden bouillon cubes. And somewhere in the middle were bottled full-fat salad dressings. “Studies show that salad dressing helps us absorb the fat-soluble vitamins in many salad veggies,” one dietician said. “Plus, it helps you eat more veggies overall, so it’s a winner in the overall big picture.” See all the results here.

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