Unionized Nabisco workers strike in four states over contract negotiations, outsourcing to Mexico

Unionized Nabisco workers in Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, and Illinois launched strikes this month over the Mondelez-owned company’s outsourcing of jobs to Mexico and ongoing contract negotiation issues, The Guardian reports. Striking workers point to the fact that the CEO of Mondelez International earned 544 times the median employee compensation of $31,000 in 2020 as they protest proposals to reduce overtime pay and switch to a two-tier healthcare system. For years, U.S. unions have accused Mondelez of closing factories and offshoring labor to Mexico—the Department of Labor is reviewing one such move right now—as company benefits like pension contributions dried up. The resulting disputes have bubbled up in national politics from time to time, notably resulting in Donald Trump swearing off Oreos during his presidential campaign. 

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