Thinly sliced: Why we eat spicy food, workers’ rights get a seat at the Golden Globes, and more

This is the web version of a list we publish twice-weekly in our newsletter. It comprises the most noteworthy food stories of the moment, selected by our editors. Get it first here.

1. Dinner for two: Actress Amy Poehler brought Saru Jayaraman, activist and founder of Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC United), as her date to the Golden Globes, the Los Angeles Times reports. Host Seth Meyers welcomed her from the stage: “Give it up for Saru, everyone.” We couldn’t agree more.

2. More on Poehler’s date: Citing her organization’s research that finds tipped workers are sexually harassed more than their non-tipped counterparts, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is exploring the possibility of eliminating the minimum wage tip credit. If he does, it would mean tipped restaurant workers would receive the same minimum wage as everyone else.

3. The New Yorker will launch a food department, digital editor Michael Luo announced Monday. Its inaugural team includes former Eater executive editor Helen Rosner and New Yorker writer Hannah Goldfield. We look forward to following their coverage.

4. Hurts so good: Here’s Munchies on why we’re psychologically predisposed to eat spicy food, even when it stings.

5. President Donald Trump on Monday signed two executive orders to expand broadband internet access in rural areas. But a former Federal Communications Commission official says the agency uses bogus data to determine which counties need more broadband coverage, the Daily Yonder reports. As we previously reported, many farmers and residents in rural areas still lack broadband access.

6. Corporate-funded manipulation of nutrition research is a thing of the past, right? Wrong, reports Inside Philanthropy. It’s just moved offshore.