Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said businesses can reopen at 100 percent capacity and masks are no longer required. Many restaurateurs fear what’s next.

At a Tuesday press conference, Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced all businesses can return to 100 percent capacity and masks will no longer be mandatory, according to Eater Dallas. This decision to reopen fully puts food-service workers at even more risk, especially without a plan that specifies when they’ll become eligible for the vaccine. Despite the governor’s reckless announcement, many restaurant owners realize the danger and will continue to enforce safety measures by limiting capacity and requiring masks. Before, establishments could at least ask customers to put on a mask, knowing they’d have the governor’s orders to back them up. Now, restaurateurs are nervous about how some customers may react to restaurant policies that are tighter than the state’s. Abbott said this move would help small businesses. But in reality, it will only further endanger frontline workers. 

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