Meat farmers stand to gain ability to sue large processors under expected Biden executive order

The Biden administration is expected to issue an executive order this week that will make it easier for farmers who raise cows, chickens, and hogs to sue the large meat processors they contract with over unfair, discriminatory, or deceptive practices, the Associated Press reports. Currently, farmers who want to sue meat processors must prove that the processors’ actions suppress competition across the entire industry, a high burden of proof that farmer advocates say makes it harder for them to get a fair price for the animals they raise. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is also expected to review the definition of what it means for meat to be labeled as a “Product of USA,” currently a designation used to describe animals born and raised in other countries, but processed in the United States. The new rules, a reversal of Trump-era policies, aim to spur a more competitive agricultural market by providing farmers with more options for where they can sell the animals and crops they raise.