Kimbal Musk accused of union-busting at his urban ag nonprofit

Kimbal Musk—Elon’s big hat-wearing, ag-focused brother—might soon find himself in hot water for union busting. According to Vice Motherboard, Musk’s “pet project” Big Green, which aims to build vegetable gardens for underfunded urban schools, is the subject of three complaints about unfair labor practices in its Memphis location. “Big Green has advised employees seeking to join a union that they may not communicate with each other or the media” about workplace concerns, according to one of the charges before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Big Green’s union coordinators are undeterred by the pushback, filing seven petitions to the NLRB to unionize and speaking to the publication Tennessee Lookout about their efforts. Musk hasn’t made any formal statements about the unionizing efforts to date. But Motherboard notes some other anti-labor data points, such as the controversial layoffs at his restaurant chain, Next Door, during the pandemic and that he holds board seats on Elon’s notoriously anti-union companies Tesla and SpaceX

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