There’s a $3M stockpile of Girl Scout cookies in metro ATL. That’s a lot of Thin Mints.

Necessary though it is, social distancing is hell for in-person cookie sales. The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, which usually relies on door-to-door and booth set-ups to sell its wares, is still sitting on 720,000 boxes from its annual sale. That’s $3 million worth of Thin Mints, S’mores, and other sweets! Languishing in storage at an undisclosed location somewhere in Alpharetta, Georgia, the cookie sale has been extended. The Girl Scouts hope that extra media attention—not to mention the heist jokes—will help move units and boost the girls behind the badges. “One-third of our families have told us that Covid has impacted the financial things they’re able to do in Girl Scouting,” the chapter’s CEO, Amy Dosik, told 11Alive ATL. “Our goal is to really help as many girls get through this pandemic and deal with issues of learning loss and social isolation, as best as they can.”

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