Cracker Barrel has to pay 9.4 million dollars in damages for serving a customer a kitchen disinfectant, and they aren’t happy about it

Eight years ago, a man named William Cronnon walked into a Cracker Barrel in Marion County, Tennessee, hoping to quench his thirst. Cronnon was served a glass which he believed contained ice water. After taking his first gulp he realized something was terribly wrong. He had just consumed what would be discovered as Eco-San, a chemical used by Cracker Barrel to sanitize their kitchen. The drink, writes The Takeout, caused Cronnon “permanent and serious internal physical injury […] including injuries to his mouth and esophagus.” Now, after almost nearly a decade of pain—and a mere 40-minute jury deliberation—Cronnon has been awarded 9.4 million dollars in damages by a Marion County jury. Cracker Barrel is less than thrilled with the ruling telling CNN in a statement that they are “obviously disappointed” by the verdict. —Alex Hinton