Chipotle and Dunkin’ go on hiring spree, adding thousands of employees

Despite rampant location closures across America in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, fast-food franchises are apparently hiring in droves. According to Reuters, Chipotle is aiming to enlist 10,000 employees over the next few months, launching a new careers website in the process. It is joined by Dunkin’ Brand Group and Papa John’s, which are planning to expand their workforces with upwards of 25,000 new recruits in the near future. The reason is simple: with tens of millions out of work—and more than 12.5 million former restaurant and bar workers among them—the hiring pool is richer than ever. Even chains like Taco Bell and Panera, which struggled to fill roles early on during the pandemic, are now seeing an increase of viable candidates for managerial roles. That may have something to do with the imminent end of the $600 enhanced unemployment benefit. “You are never not looking for people” to hire in fast food, an industry consultant told Reuters. “In the short term, the labor pool is going to be better.”