Sunday night meal prepping is serious business on Reddit

You could pack tonight’s dinner for lunch tomorrow, or you could meal prep. They’re two different things, according to the vibrant Subreddit r/MealPrepSunday. This week, VICE reports on the online community devoted to sharing tips, tricks, and inspiration for those who prefer to do all their cooking ahead of schedule. One pregnant mom-to-be memorably posted a photo of a freezer stocked with 425—count ’em—servings of homemade meals ahead of giving birth. The VICE story eventually made its way onto the Subreddit, and the meal prep community sounds nonplussed: “Does VICE really have to maintain this tone that makes it sound like they’re infiltrating some secret organization—in an article about meal prep?” one commenter asked. “They should stick to videos about cults and whatnot. This whole thing is so damn pretentious.”

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